AFS Face Cell Treatment

Duration: 90 mins
Price: S$299

Amniotic fluid-derived stem (AFS) cells are an attractive cell source for applications in regenerative medicine due to their proliferation capacity, multipotency, immunomodulatory activity, and lack of significant immunogenicity. In addition, they have the ability to modulate inflammatory responses and secrete therapeutic cytokines. Because of these characteristics, AFS cells have been explored for treatments in wound healing and skin regeneration. Studies show that AFS cells are effective in accelerating wound healing in the skin in fetal environments, and more recently in adult wounds. Evidence indicates that delivered cells are often transient, not permanently integrating into the final skin tissue. Instead, they secrete a portfolio of potent growth factors that are integral to skin regeneration and angiogenesis, suggesting a trophic mechanism of augmenting wound healing. These initial works of research suggest that delivery of AFS cells has the potential to be an effective cell therapy for facilitating wound healing and should be further considered for clinical use in excessive skin wounds in human patients.


This treatment will help your skin to generate new cells and removing the old cells.  Nevertheless, AFS cells have the potential to be an effective therapy for treating skin cells. Based on the transient nature of the cells, we hypothesized that the augmentation of skin regeneration was due to the trophic delivery of cytokines.

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